• Deck netting by Raingler
  • Water & Gas cans by Rototpax
  • Molle panel "Dry Storage Racks"


TRAILER contact

  • Passenger side-load deck lid
  • Roof-Top Tent (RTT) mounting rails 
  • Wheel selections & bolt pattern

Hep's Designs builds off-road trailers to follow you, regardless of where you're headed.

With an already expansive arsenal of hand-built off-road accessories, these trailers are a natural move for a veteran​​.


Built on the proven M416 military trailer design, our trailers are hand-built with open tub steel frames, 1-1/2" dom rub rails / fenders, removable jack stand, replaceable  1-7/8" ball coupler, 2" receiver in the rear, leaf suspension, DOT approved LED lighting, & 4 pin harness connections to mate to most consumer vehicles.